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Culture and Religion

Since Nepal was stated democratic republic nation, the Nepal peoples in different societies got right to establish their own religion principle so thereafter Nepal is known as multi religious to the world. Due to its enormous diversified land separation people living in the different regions in different ethnic groups they follow their own way of religious perform, lifestyle, culture, tradition, Language ever peace of agreement in society. About 80% of total populations are Hindu religion follower lives in the all over the country from east to west up to Maha Bharat Range in north, about 10% Buddhist religion people among live bellow of Himalayan region to mid hill, valleys and in towns together 4% Muslim religious people and rest of other religious people live in different parts of the country.

In Nepal besides traditionally, Hinduism and Buddhism both were never two discrete religions for societies they consider these two religion have inter relation since then so that share faiths and worship common god in temples, monasteries and mostly pilgrimage by both communities people. Nepal has numbers of different religious groups but they always live in peace and harmony in same society. Still there is not any record of religious quarrel in Nepal. All Nepali people have respected the national feeling of “unity in diversity”.