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Nepalese Peoples

Most of the people in Nepal welcome you by “Namaste” as a traditional greeting (means I salute the great in you) which is widely used in the most part of the country. About 27 million Nepalese peoples have more than 70 different cultural and linguistic groups which is also known as ethnic groups living in different, regions of the country Nepal. Mostly every ethnic group has their own exclusive costumes, speak their own languages or talk, and follow their own religious practices. They live in different diverse geographic and ecological orientations, from the low parts near the Indian border, northward throughout the middle hills of Mahabharat Range and valleys, and up to the high of the Himalayan zone.

On the other hand, the globalization reason and innovations effect to the Nepalese society which made many changes day by day adding up of some infrastructural developments new roads building, modern open education, democracy since 1990 and Federal Democratic Republic since in on 23 May 2008, and even rapid modernism of information technology, Internet access are making enormous changes brought among new generation. More and more Nepalese, especially young folks speak Nepali and speak English language as well, dresses western fashion clothes most of the time and normally relate to the outside world.

In Nepal commonly two major groups of people can be found in high Himalayan region Tibitan origin (Tibeto-Burman or Bhot Burmes) and in low land to mid hill Indo-Aryan (Bharopeli) basis groups. Himalayan region resolution of Tibetan-speaking groups Sherpa, Tibetan origin Gurung of Manang, Mustang and Dolpo region and Thakali of Mustang’s high plain are found in vice-alpine to the Himalaya Area. Outside Nepal, the best known are the Sherpa people who has gowned world popularity and interest because of their mountaineering skills.

In the mid hill (Mountain Region) mostly liveded Tamang, Rai, Limbu, Magar, Gurung, Sunwar and Chepang groups as well as other mongoloid groups live in this region. The Brahmans, Chhetris, Newar and Thakuris and different work-related groups Kami, Damai Sarki, Gaine are lives normally over most parts of the country. In major towns Newar, Punjabi, Marbadi, Brahaman, Kshetri and other diverse groups are also settled. The groups of Rai, Gurung, Limbu, Magar are popular as Gurkha solder in the world.

In Terai Plain Tharu, Majhi, Brahaman, Kshetri, Rajput, Danuwar, Dhimal, Darai, Satar, Rajbansi, and Jhangar, Singh, Jha, Yadav and Lal(Mithila) people occupy in the dun, valleys and diverse occupational groups are living and being live together by the thoughts of peace and harmony. Terai’s Mithila groups are popular for their genuine paintings and traditional arts. But still mostly either living in Himalaya region, Mountain region or Terai region their main occupation is agriculture.