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Yoga and Meditation

Yoga means union, with oneself and with the whole. All that one has to do is join all remains of the mind thoughts emotions; fantasies, memories etc. Weave them into a stable flow of awareness which is dhyan or meditation. Then yoga happens by itself.

So many vacationers come to Nepal for meditation, yoga, retreats, astrology and to join with the great Himalayas. The activities are mainly centered on the Kathmandu Valley, however Pokhara also becoming popular with more options.

It is understandable to us that an awareness of our body and mind has a great impact on the quality of our daily life Yoga helps us to recognize our body, its' functioning and relationship to the mind. 

We have an unnatural body. It is unnatural not only because it has been trained by the outside, but also because of too much mental domination from inside of us. There are very composite inhibitions in our body and unless these body compounds are released, Yoga can help to a certain degree.

So we offer you different type of yoga sessions and courses including, Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga and Kundalini yoga that allows you to keep up the physical fitness and accord of the mind, soul as well as body.


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