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Nepal Village Trekking

In the past trekking in Nepal has intended either trekking along the routes or staying in specially built hotel/resorts. Getting to recognize the local and their cultures has been difficult. Gold Mountain Nepal Treks & Expedition offers you village trekking where you can experience a stay in pure village living as a family members.

Village trip offers to visitor to experience a stay in a classic Nepali villages. This gives you a chance to study the real Nepalese cultural tradition from the closest district and combine with the local peoples. Also, any operating expense made at that village directly contribute to the benefit of the local community of there.

The typical culture of the different cultural groups is a highlight of all of your village trips. You will have a great chance to close with warm and welcoming people in the village. And next character of Village trekking is you will have all accommodation in an genuine home, not a hotel filled with other trekkers, so you will have great experience of actual village life.

Sirubari Village Trekking

The Sirubari Village is a Gurung’s settlement place in the hills at 1,700m/5,577ft above the sea level. The type of weather is ideal at any time during the month of September to June with cool nights & warm days. You will arrive at village after approximately 5 hours drive from the major travelers center (Pokhara) for the Annapurna region. The way to the community is steep but well made and most people manage to arrive at the village after four-five hours hike from Naudanda.

Dhola Village Trek

Dhola Nalang Village Trek

Dhola is located at the height of 1,210 m/3,970 ft from the sea level. It is about 100 km north west from Kathmandu city. The trekking trial is newly launched and suggested as a non traveler site for students, researchers, anthropologist, photographers and nature lover.

Ghalegaun Village

Ghalegaun Village Trek

Ghalegaun trek is new and popular trekking trial for short and village trek and tour in Nepal. Ghale Gaun Village Trekking attracts to those trekkers and explorers who have desire to explore stunning natural beauty diverse with an perfect ethnic life style with home stay village tour in an remote village areas of Nepal.